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tech   Hours

Ready to stop the 

tech frustration?

All things tech are our jam. 

We can be your “on-call” tech sidekick for those little one time projects or tech issues they can’t figure out. 

We created our tech hours to support those who are already in business and have established platforms and need some additional support. 

You can feel confident knowing that you have someone in your corner for anything tech that you just don’t want to spend time dealing with or trying to figure out.

ways we can   help:

Below is a list of ways that we have helped our clients in the past. Don’t see your need listed below? Reach out and see if it’s something that we can help with!

Integrations—get all your business tools passing data between each other

Landing page builds—showcase your free or paid offer


Lead magnet configuration—from landing page setup to ensuring the contact data gets passed to your email tool to an automation that delivers the freebie and rest of the emails at the exact right time


Testing & troubleshooting—we can test everything to make sure it works properly and also troubleshoot any issues that may be causing a problem


Email automations—ensure your subscribers are in a funnel that works and everything is being sent at exactly the right time


Webinar configuration—live or evergreen setup and testing so that your event runs smoothly


Small updates and changes to your existing website or membership site—we can make tweaks to your site or set up a second course or program 


Checkout page configuration—we can set it up so you can take payments from clients and ensure it works smoothly so that you don’t lose any customers due to tech issues


$250 for 3 hours

$450 for 6 hours

$800 for 12 hours

Hours can be used for up to 4 months.


Kim has taken so much of the stress of starting an online business off my shoulders.  I was lost in the mess of technology and she not only helped me sort through it all, but held my hand every step of the way.  In addition, her integrity is what keeps me coming back.  I don’t know where I would be without Kim by my side!

Carrie Lupoli

Owner, Disruptive Nutrition & Carrie Lupoli

Working with Kim and Jennifer has been a dream.  The technical side of running an on-line business had always scared me and kept my dream of offering an on-line education class … well a pipe-dream.  Kim and Jennifer made the process easy and streamlined.  They are wizards at what they do and the don’t make you feel silly or bad if you just don’t understand.  Their customer service is so on-point!  I don’t know what I would do without Jennifer helping me through 2, going on 3 profitable launches.  I will continue to use them until time after time because they get my brand and my goals.

Ashley Fierro

Owner, Ashley Fierro & The Business of Makeup, Professional Makeup Artist

“I could not be more serious when I say Kim has been a GODSEND to my business, and to my LIFE!

My time, my happiness, and my sanity are more valuable to me than money, and Kim has gifted me with all 3 because of what she does –and does so well. She is prompt, attentive to detail, intuitive to what’s best for you, as well as your clients’ needs, and an absolute pleasure to work with. She is the best kept secret of the coaching industry, but something tells me she won’t be a secret for long. KIM – please save me a lifelong space as a client of yours before you become unattainable!!! I mean it :)”

Jennifer Jayde

Owner, Jennifer Jayde, Dream Life + Business Mentor

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